PEO Executive Advisor, Catherine Morgan, to speak at IAMCP breakfast networking series titled, “The Summit of Success” on February 8, 2011

The IAMCP Women in Leadership & Technology Breakfast Networking series for 2011 will feature leaders in the community who have thrived in the face of career or personal challenges.

The sessions focus on achieving two objectives; inspire you in your own life, as well as provide you with the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals to further your personal and career goals.

Are you at a cross-roads? Your career is not where you hoped it would be? Your personal life is approaching a crisis? Or maybe you have met all your goals and not sure what to do next? Whatever your reasons, you are invited to learn from the personal experience of Catherine Morgan, Executive Advisor, Presidents of Enterprising Organizations and former Executive at Hewlett Packard, Canada. After reaching her career objectives, she decided she wanted more. With humour and passion, Catherine will share how she learned to re-invent herself to carve out the life she is living today.

About Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan is a leader who thrives on challenges and is currently successful in two concurrent career roles: as an Executive Advisor she helps senior executives further their careers, and as the Chair of a non-profit charity she is responsible for developing business strategy to increase funding and awareness.

In her role as Executive Advisor with Presidents of Enterprising Organizations (PEO), a company offering CEOs and senior executives an opportunity for continuous learning and development, she engages peer groups of Vice-Presidents from different organizations in conversations that challenge their perceived views about themselves and their careers. During her more than three years with PEO, Catherine’s objectivity, advice, and encouragement have helped many Vice-Presidents step up to the next level in their careers and become CEOs.

As the Chair of Meagan’s Walk, a non-profit charity that raises funds for research into children’s brain cancer, Catherine works closely with the founder of the charity. She was instrumental in creating the infrastructure for charity (everything from administration to IT support). Her talent for organization has led to the development of a structured sponsorship strategy, which is successfully reaching out to a larger number of prospective sponsors.

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