What is PEO?

Presidents of Enterprising Organizations (PEO) is an Executive Leadership Community that is the destination where business leaders connect, think and grow. Since our inception in 1991, we have been the Leadership Peer Advisory firm that enables executives to accelerate their success path and that of their respective organizations by empowering them to realize their maximum potential both professionally and personally.

It’s lonely at the top; we provide a safe environment where business leaders can let their guard down and discuss important issues, challenges and opportunities from a holistic perspective. PEO provides its Community the ability to leverage its collective knowledge, experience and network; to challenge and be challenged in a high disclosure, objective and trusted environment through a combination of Peer Advisory Boards, One-on-One Coaching, and Thought Leadership Executive Networking Events – all for the purpose of enhancing the personal and professional lives of its members. Unique in our holistic approach to leadership, the PEO Plan covers the five main aspects of a leader’s success – Business, Health, Wealth, Family and Relationships effectively changing the way business is done by changing the way leaders lead.

What services does PEO provide?

PEO provides executive leadership advisory services that include:

  • Peer Advisory Boards composed of successful business leaders from noncompeting organizations and industries, at a similar stage of their growth cycle, facilitated by a PEO Executive Advisor
  • One-on-one coaching provided by a PEO Executive Advisor who has successfully served as a CEO, President or business leader of an organization
  • Strategic Tools and IP that empower PEO members to achieve their personal and professional goals as well as deliver metrics of ‘current state’ versus ‘desired state’ for both the organization and the leader
  • Career/Business building introductions to members of the PEO Community by the PEO Leadership Team
  • Various Thought Leadership Events and an Annual Leadership Conference that gives the entire community a chance to connect with each other in a fun, social learning environment.

What are the benefits of a PEO membership?

With a PEO membership, there will always be someone in your corner. You will be part of a Peer Advisory Board, composed of respected peers and like-minded individuals, that is facilitated by a PEO Executive Advisor who will be accountable to you and the board. Because your group members are from various industries, they will have unique perspectives and experiences which will allow you to explore robust and innovative strategies with their input. You will be able to challenge each other objectively and in an unbiased manner, in a high disclosure secure environment, resulting in relevant solutions centered around your business, career, wealth, health and personal relationships.

Your assigned PEO Executive Advisor will also serve as your Executive Coach. Using various PEO proprietary methodologies and IP, they will provide you with personal counsel and growth, as well as guide you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

A PEO membership will also gain you entry into the PEO Leadership Community. We will connect you to our network’s extensive wisdom and experience across a multitude of industries. As part of the community, you will be able to attend various thought leadership events throughout the year and the Annual Leadership Conference which takes place over 3 days.

When you join PEO, you will acquire innovative thinking from multiple perspectives. Our program is designed to reinforce your self-worth and efficacy as an impactful leader by harnessing the collective wisdom of the community as well as using our proprietary methodologies, tools and IP.

What types of memberships does PEO offer?

PEO offers three types of memberships which are categorized by the type, complexity and size of business you operate.

  • CEOs, Presidents, C-Level Executives and Country Managers of large corporations with an executive team in place and multiple levels within the organization
  • Vice Presidents and Senior Executives of large corporations with an executive team in place and multiple levels within the organization
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners/Operators of small to medium sized businesses, with annual revenues exceeding $1Million.

I’ve been approached by a number of Peer Advisory Groups, what’s so special about PEO?

There are several organizations that provide peer advisory and leadership services, so it can be quite overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out how they all differ and which one will provide you with the most value. What it really boils down to is the essence of the organization itself. At PEO, we have developed techniques in harnessing the power of PEO’s Core Differentiators into a culture that is ambitious, passionate and driven towards personal and professional success. PEO’s Leadership Community understands the immense value of sharing and leveraging the collective wisdom of the entire organization under an environment of trust and respect; a community that believes in giving first.

PEO, utilizes a holistic approach to empower you to achieve your goals and objectives. We are focused on the Five Key Elements of Success that we believe are central to driving your trajectory. It is our belief that if any of these vital areas is out of balance, it will affect your performance as a business leader. We see you as a whole person, not just a transient customer. Your life matters to us.

Will participating really have an impact on my life and organization?

What you put in to the organization will have a direct correlation to what you receive. We are there to guide the process and enable to you realize your goals and objectives whether they are personal or professional. If we are all successful at that – your organization will flourish.

Having the courage to let your guard down and to admit that even as the leader of your organization, you do not have all the answers is paramount to how much you will be able to benefit from a PEO membership. By allowing yourself to listen and to receive feedback from your peers you will be able to develop robust solutions and have a trusted sounding board of successful business leaders with a wealth of knowledge. Nonetheless, a PEO membership is not only about what you receive, but also about what you give. The members of your Peer Advisory Board will expect you to listen to their challenges, to provide support as well as honest and non-biased feedback.

What is the profile of a PEO Member?

We exclusively work with business leaders who embody our Member Profile. These individuals exemplify core values of respect, integrity and confidentiality. They are committed to continuous personal development and lifelong learning. They are willing to receive input and to learn from others. Our members are open to their ideas being constructively challenged, as well as embrace dialogue and brainstorming as a leadership tool. These business leaders recognize the immense value of connecting and developing relationships with other leaders.

To understand if PEO is a good fit for you, ask yourself:

Are you able to CONNECT with leaders who are successful and driven? Do you have an appetite for continuous learning and development?

Are you able to THINK with like-minded leaders in a safe environment where you and your peers will challenge each other to solve existing issues and explore new ideas and opportunities?

Are you willing to GROW by challenging yourself and leveraging the experience and wisdom of your peers and PEO’s Executive Advisors?

How do I become a PEO Member?

If you are interested in learning how to become a PEO member, please fill out the Membership Inquiry Form, give us a call at 416-637-0299 or email us at memberships@peo.net and we will be happy to assist you.

What are the PEO membership costs?

For membership pricing, please give us a call at 416-637-0299 or email is at memberships@peo.net and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have a referral program in place. For more information on how our referral program is structured, please give us a call at 416-637-0299 or email us at memberships@peo.net .

What is a PEO Executive Advisor’s profile?

PEO’s Executive Advisors have a high degree of business acumen through their own experiences as CEOs, Presidents or Executive Business Leaders who have had significant success in implementing positive change in the organizations they served. Their experience varies from large multinational corporations to entrepreneurial and small business operations.

Our Executive Advisors are committed to the success of their Peer Advisory Boards as well as to growing and strengthening PEO’s Leadership Community. They are all caring individuals who are responsible, intelligent, approachable, trustworthy and responsive.

If you are interested in learning how to become a PEO Executive Advisor, please fill out the Executive Advisor Inquiry Form or give us a call at 416-637-0299 and we will be happy to assist you.

What role does the Executive Advisor play in making me and my organization successful?

The Executive Advisor plays a central role in the success of the PEO Leadership Community. Your assigned PEO Executive Advisor will provide you with one-on-one coaching and introduce you to our strategic business tools and proprietary IP that will help accelerate you towards achieving your personal and professional goals. They are responsible for the facilitation of your assigned Peer Advisory Board and for making the connections for you to the entire PEO Leadership Community. Your PEO Executive Advisor will become your trusted resource and will be along for your journey to empower you through their guidance and experience. They have the ability to leverage our community and the PEO Executive Advisor team to facilitate the essence of our organization.

What is a Peer Advisory Board?

PEO’s definition of a Peer Advisory Board is: A group of like-minded business leaders who convene on a regular basis, in a safe and confidential environment to discuss personal, professional and business challenges and opportunities. These top executives lead organizations of similar size, but may belong to a variety of industries, allowing for truly robust and innovative dialogue to flourish. In a high disclosure and secure environment, they hold each other accountable, challenging each other objectively and in an unbiased manner, which results in relevant solutions centered around business, career, wealth, health and personal relationships. All of PEO’s Peer Advisory Boards are facilitated by a PEO Executive Advisor who is committed to the success of each individual member as well as the entire group.

What is the value of belonging to a PEO Peer Advisory Board?

As a business leader, it’s very lonely at the top. The success of your organization sits on your shoulders as you look for answers and clear sense of direction. It takes courage to understand that the path to your organization’s growth is not always going to be obvious to you.

Your Peer Advisory Board and Executive Advisor will become essential resources that provide you with clarity surrounding your challenges and opportunities. You will obtain their counsel and unbiased feedback in a safe environment; where their unique perspectives and experience in different industries will challenge your ideas in an objective way and will enable you to develop robust and innovative strategies for the future. You will all push each other to meet your individual goals and objectives by capitalizing on the collective wisdom your group as well as the PEO Leadership Community. The end result is that you will have the confidence and courage to implement the strategies you develop because they have been vetted by a group of your peers.

Many of the relationships you will make within the PEO Leadership Community will develop into genuine friendships. We strongly believe that in addition to solving business challenges, discussing opportunities and sharing wisdom, our Peer Advisory Boards should have fun!

How does PEO select what Peer Advisory Board their Members are placed in?

When selecting which Peer Advisory Board a new member will be placed into, the PEO Leadership Team and the member will review the chemistry and makeup of the board. Two main elements that drive the final decision process are considered:

  • What can the new member contribute to the Advisory Board?
  • Are there members in that group who can contribute to the success of this new member?

PEO’s Leadership Team has a thorough understanding of the composition of each Peer Advisory Board; whether they are entrepreneurial, corporate, owned or managed, family multi-generational, what industries the members belong to, what the group dynamic is – these are just a few components of the complexities of a group. Each of these key attributes is considered to ensure that we are maximizing the chances of enabling our members to realize their individual goals and objectives.

How will you ensure that I’m included in a Peer Advisory Board with peers who are strong, knowledgeable, and provide me with valuable insights?

At PEO, we pride ourselves in providing value to our members. Our extensive screening process involves a thorough interview with a PEO Executive Advisor that maps out what you define as success over the next several years. This analysis provides our Executive Advisor with a better understanding of you as a person by laying out your personal, professional and organizational goals and objectives. Based on this information, we are able to discuss various Peer Advisory Boards and select one that we believe is best suited both for you and the members of an existing Board.

What is the meeting schedule?

Each Peer Advisory Board has its own meeting schedule mapped out for 12 months. Typically, but not in all cases, they take place in the mornings and may surround the weekends – Mondays or Friday.

What happens if I can’t make all my Peer Advisory Board meetings during the year?

We expect you to attend at least 80% of your Peer Advisory Board meetings. Although we understand that emergencies do come up, we emphasize the importance of attending meetings and contributing to the group.

How do you connect me to the rest of PEO’s Leadership Community?

Through our screening process, we will gain a thorough understanding of you as a person, your goals and objectives as well as your organizational needs. Based on this knowledge, we will introduce you to the members of the PEO Leadership Community that may play a part in accelerating you towards realizing those goals and objectives. Our job is to understand where all our members are going, which enables us to facilitate the right connections. This is one of our core strengths and differentiates us from many other similar organizations.

What types of events does PEO organize?

As business leaders, we understand that building your career and growing your organization will take priority over developing an elaborate network of successful peers. One of our key differentiators is that we facilitate your networking process by organizing a variety of events that combine executive learning, networking and fun. By attending our events, you will surround yourself with successful business leaders who share your values of personal development and pursuit of growth.

Our marquee event of the year is the PEO Annual Leadership Conference which is a three day members’ only event that connects the PEO Leadership Community while providing a lineup of world renowned speakers on leadership and performance, executive learning workshops, experiential activities and entertainment.

Throughout the year our Eye Of The Executive Series features various thought leadership speakers with a networking reception afterwards. These events are also exclusively available to the PEO Leadership Community and not open to the general public.

The Peer Advisory Boards may also organize various social events throughout the year, including a Mini-Retreat, in addition to the Annual Conference.

Who attends PEO events?

PEO events are attended by the PEO Leadership Community and their guests. These guests may include spouses and family members, senior leaders from a member’s organization, alumni and PEO special guests.

In general, our events are not open to the general public and are by invitation only.

What are the members in the PEO Leadership Community like?

At PEO, culture is everything. The PEO Leadership Community is built on a foundation of ambition, passion and drive towards personal and professional success. Our members understand the immense value of sharing and leveraging the collective wisdom of the entire organization under an environment of trust and respect. Our community believes in giving first.

PEO members are caring individuals. They are intelligent, approachable and very responsive. These individuals value their integrity, which makes them trustworthy and responsible.

What can I expect at the PEO Annual Leadership Conference?

PEO’s Annual Leadership Conference is our flagship event of the year! It is an exclusive three day members-only experience where the PEO Leadership Community convenes to connect, think and grow as well as to rejuvenate and have fun. The schedule is complete with an exciting range of activities including fine dining, live music, networking, and a line-up of world renowned speakers, workshops, and experiential activities. Discussion will be thought provoking, engagement will be full-throttle, and your experience will prove invaluable.

What does PEO do to ensure privacy for its members?

Privacy is of the utmost importance to PEO.  Our members are sharing extremely private matters with the Executive Advisors and their Peer Advisory Boards.  Everyone is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon joining the organization.  An individual will be removed from their Advisory Board and further action may be taken if there has been a breach of our Code of Conduct around privacy.  There are no exceptions.

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