You and your executive’s team’s attitudes and behaviour are affecting your organization’s performance – what a shocking surprise!

by Leon Goren, C.A

President, Presidents of Enterprising Organizations

I am very excited about our new partnership with AchieveBlue Corporation. In the past 18 months, we have worked more and more closely, culminating in our significant announcement this week to create the Executive Team Leadership Program. It will offer a sustainable strategy for renewed growth after the recession’s psychological fallout.

What’s important about the new partnership with Mona Mitchell and AchieveBlue is that it’s focused on intense personal assessment and behavioural change, beginning with the leadership team and extending through the organization. To be quite frank, top executives easily master Strategy and Finance but struggle with understanding the potential impact on their organization of their leadership behaviours and attitudes. They clearly don’t teach you that in business schools, even with case study and group methodologies.

By combining PEO and AchieveBlue’s core competencies, we’ve developed a program that combines external peer-to-peer mentoring, one-on-one coaching, psychometric tools and internal executive advisory forums so that leadership teams can achieve what may be impossible on their own — sustainable leadership excellence resulting in breakthrough corporate performance. I couldn’t agree more with Mona’s statement in our announcement: “The last few years have seen many corporate leaders under siege,” she noted. “They have been focused on survival, with little time for introspection.”

I have been fortunate to sit in on more than 20 executive team meetings over the past four months, listening to and watching interactions as groups try and move organizations forward.  I’ve seen a lot of conventional thinking, heads down, micro managing and an absence of real constructive conversation.  More importantly, I’ve seen almost no patience with spending the time to really listen to each other and consider alternatives before moving forward.

I’d like to blame the economic environment for this behaviour but the world is moving forward and we are experiencing growth once again in this country.  As leaders, it’s time that we pick our heads out of the sand and start thinking creatively once again — with inspiration and engagement. To change an organization and design it for success, the executive team and leader must be the first to change. Everyone learns from how others behave!

Executive effectiveness is unquestionably more than a short-­term fix. The environment it thrives in is vital and this is an unparalleled paradigm shift. While there are many good 360-degree programs, the PEO/AchieveBlue approach is uniquely different.  We help participants develop an action plan linking leadership development to corporate strategy. The emphasis then becomes coaching through to execution, the often missing last mile in business strategy.

If you’ve ever thought of what the peer environment can do for you, ask not again. This is the time to give me a call personally–416-335-5884 ext 308. Email: It is most likely the most important call you will make all year.

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