The Real Estate Market – Continuing Boom or Ultimate Bust?

On February 11th, 2016, we teamed up with PEO Member and Real Estate Guru, Andrew Brethour, to gain his insights into the health of the Real Estate Market in 2016 and beyond. In his keynote address to the PEO Leadership Community, Andrew delivered key analytics and insights that were both eye opening and enlightening.

As a value add, we would like to share Andrew Brethour’s presentation deck that outlines his predictions, their implications as well as factors that may affect the Canadian economy and real estate market.

Some highlights from Andrew Brethour’s keynote:

  • Slower sales pace by Q2 due to recession talk in 2016
  • Employment strength in manufacturing
  • Immigration power continues unabated – Toronto dodges national bullet
  • Interest rates remain stable until 2016 Q4 – then they begin to increase
  • Modest oil price recovery by 2016 Q3/Q4 to $41/barrel
  • Stability leads to confidence
  •  Oil in 2017 to $45/barrel and then stable rise

Special thanks to Andrew Brethour, the PMA Brethour team, and our Educational Partner, Aird & Berlis, for their contributions to this fantastic event.

Click here to download a slideshow report of the Real Estate Market-Boom or Bust

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