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Are you a giver, a taker or a matcher?

by Leon Goren Adam Grant, one of our previous speakers at the annual PEO conference, thinks that success in business depends heavily on your answer to this question: Are you a giver, a taker or a matcher? In other words, how do you approach interactions with people? Givers are others-focused and strive to be generous in sharing their time, energy and connections. Matchers believe in tit-for-tat and have relationships governed by an even…

When Green is Really Blue

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People who are unfamiliar with PEO consistently ask how the presidents of a law firm, a recruiting firm, manufacturer, and food service company possibly help each other build their businesses when they lack each other’s specific industry knowledge. Today I had a Eureka moment.  Driving to an appointment, I was listening to Spark on CBC and they interviewed a professor in California at Berkley who explained it perfectly:  Her name is Charlan Nemeth…
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