Putting value on a network.

by Leon Goren No one can build a great business alone. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to themselves. Whether you are a leader of a small business or an established industry player, having access to high-quality objective advice enhances both the leader’s and organization’s odds of success. I know this because without a network I would not have been able to expand and enhance the value of PEO. When we connect with a diverse…
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Want to build or regain your enthusiasm in life? Consider whether you are operating with a mental edge.

by Leon Goren Have you been around people who have a distinct hunger and fire to succeed?  These are folks for whom success is critical and there is absolutely no substitute.  One of the first things you realize about these people is that they have a tremendous amount of energy.  Their energy comes from devoting themselves to what excites them. I call it having a mental edge.  Mental edge means being fueled by excitement and purpose…
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