Changing The Staid, Regulated Canadian Banking Industry

It’s hard to create a splash in the staid, regulated Canadian banking industry, but that’s just what ING DIRECT CANADA did. Management built a winning brand and thriving business - and they did it entirely through innovation. As Peter Aceto, the company’s President since 2008 says, “We were trying to reinvent and re-examine every single thing that we possibly could.” ING DIRECT CANADA’s incredible long-term record of innovation is why…

What If You Spent A Third Of Your Week Paying Attention To New Possibilities?

Hal Gregersen, Senior Affiliate Professor of Innovation and Leadership at INSEAD Hal Gregersen issues a challenge: “What if you spent a third of your work week paying attention to new possibilities? What if you took an intellectual step back to uncover what growth opportunities you might find? What would you do next? Are you always keeping your eyes open, looking left and right to see what’s there?” That’s how Hal Gregersen previewed his…
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Should leaders join a peer environment group?

It’s lonely at the top; that’s one of the oldest truisms about leadership. It’s difficult to speak to anyone honestly. Trust is hard to come by. Even fewer understand a leader’s experiences. To overcome this isolation, many leaders resort to formal or informal peer groups; many wonder what are the benefits of joining one? Peer environments are a place for leaders to connect, think and grow; they are professionally led, with veteran executives…
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