Should leaders join a peer environment group?

It’s lonely at the top; that’s one of the oldest truisms about leadership. It’s difficult to speak to anyone honestly. Trust is hard to come by. Even fewer understand a leader’s experiences. To overcome this isolation, many leaders resort to formal or informal peer groups; many wonder what are the benefits of joining one? Peer Read More

Trailblazing a New Frontier in Leadership

Getting to “wow” in life is an important and life-long journey. From cradle to grave, humanity coupled with good health, ample wealth, a strong career and healthy relationships all contribute towards “time to success” or that important, “wow”! Realizing life’s ambitions is dependent upon the pathway and time applied to getting there. Working towards this, Read More

Can the US and European Politicians save the Global Economy?

I had the opportunity this morning to attend the 2011 Economic Outlook presented by the Economic Club of Canada. Some of Canada’s top economists were on the panel. There were a number of key messages that were heard loud and clear from all 5 Economists. Some key MESSAGES that as executives we should contemplate in Read More

Congratulations, CFO. —you now own a CEO!

Now that he’s arrived in your life, what do you do with him or her? CEOs, without a strong amount of training, can be unruly, undisciplined and prone to making choices without the proper guidance. They are a sought after breed, in demand at most times but difficult to keep in check, in part due Read More

What is success?

By Catherine Morgan, Executive Advisor, PEO As time passes and we transition through life’s stages, we all inevitably ask ourselves the big question. Are we being successful?  What is success anyway? How can success in the work place be matched with personal relationships and family? Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a group Read More