Network Benefits through PEO

Being part of PEO enables members and clients to have immediate access to an extensive network of other leaders and privileges not available elsewhere.

Networking is the ultimate art form and expression of social interaction where connections are made and relationships are built to last. At PEO, we realize that the right business and social network is critical to accelerating leader growth and generating results.

Nothing works better for relationship building for growth than a powerful network of other leaders. At PEO, we encourage exclusive networks – connections that extend beyond a leader’s traditional social, business vertical or industry – coupled with the right learning interactions and experiences to turbo-charge the leader’s ability to think-outside-the-box and to grow in more leaderful ways.

PEO’s network growth provides unique opportunities through three key streams of value:
(1) enterprising introductions,
(2) enterprising insights, and
(3) enterprising life experiences.
See below for details.

The PEO network and its privileges provide:

  • a lifeline of support through long term relationships
  • a safe community of mutual trust and respect
  • lead and business generation opportunities
  • a boost to your reputation
  • a key source of information and insights through leader learning events
  • enhanced knowledge and insight to provoke the right thinking and personal / enterprise growth
  • increased self esteem as a leader in a broader community
  • fun-filled, unique and inspirational experiences with like-minded people

Enterprising Introductions

Enterprising introductions — or, as some may say, the “door-opening” experience — our focus on the leader’s fit-to-lead, their wealth and their health has created a diverse network of relationships outside of PEO. We employ these relationships to facilitate connections that generate powerful, timely results. The door-opening experiences can be, for instance, a mentoring opportunity, a community connection to facilitate legal or financial transactions, or even a business leader who may bend an ear to provide advice. Whatever the need is, PEO endeavours to put the leader in touch with the right connection at the right time.

Enterprising Insights

Enterprising insights — through our regular Eye-of-the-Executive (EOE) events, we provoke leader learning experiences by connecting members with subject-matter-experts and strategic business and community leaders sharing insights, lessons learned, etc. for emerging topics of interest, new and interesting business tools and techniques, business trends often addressing those issues and ideas that should be on a leader’s radar but aren’t. These experiences provoke greater leader thinking with broader end results.

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Delivered in small groups to ensure meaningful interaction and discussion, EOE participants leave with ideas and information that can be implemented immediately in their lives or organizations to improve productivity and drive value.

EOE events are available only to PEO Members and their senior leadership team as well as high potential PEO candidates.

The PEO Event Calendar includes among other things, the Exceptional Leader series – the success stories of a member who bares it all and shares his/hers most successful strategies and their greatest lessons learned.

Leader Experiences

We recognize that peers connecting with peers through a myriad of life experiences results in the development of trusted and respectful relationships. These bonds that bind ultimately facilitate deep and rich discussions around the issues that are relevant to personal and business successes. These special PEO life experiences conducted in an environment where confidentiality is understood, collaboration thrives, and great things happen, ultimately move the leader to realize memorable life moments.

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