Accelerate Your Leadership Success

Being a leader means blazing new trails. It means stretching your mind, building a strong network of successful peers, and building value in business and in the community.

At PEO, our job is to accelerate your velocity (speed and direction) towards your life and business / career objectives the fastest, smartest way possible. Keeping you focused and providing you with opportunities to accelerate your journey are the two fundamental reasons for our existence.

Whether you are a Board of Director member, a Chief Executive / President of a company, a business owner, a senior executive, or an emerging leader; PEO works with you and / or your organization to develop and/or refine your growth trajectory, assess the challenges and opportunities that can delay or accelerate the journey, and then work with you and / your team to enable you to arrive at your destination, on time, on budget.

Our unique and proprietary leadership growth programs are based on neurosciences, positive leadership and transformative executive development to accelerate success. Our four core growth opportunities are:

CEO & Executive Advisory Teams

Elevate your leadership intelligence (LIQ), sharpen your game plan and increase your business prowess through exclusive relationships and regular peer interactions with the right people. CEOs, Senior Executives, Business Owners, and Board Members need a dynamic, safe environment with other leaders to stimulate the right conversations for breakthrough thinking and results and to realize business / life insights.

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External Leadership Workshops

Change the game and blaze new trails through self and team leadership discovery and innovations to create new platforms for success – for you, for your team, or for your organization. Position yourself or your organization to lead in the community and to provoke interest in you or your organization’s products and services.

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Executive Team Development

Improve your team’s leadership capacity and impact through PEO’s unique advisory services using innovative and customized methods to accelerate the building, renewal or restoration of your executive team. Experience the link and incredible power between strategy, leadership and culture for competitive advantage.

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Executive Coaching 1 on 1

Re-energize. Refocus. React. Realize leader business or life ambitions. PEO’s unique leader coaching programs immediately zoom in on key issues and problems without wasting time and money. Our six core coaching programs focus on short, mid, and long term issues, needs or problems ranging from leader crisis or transition to realizing leader business or life legacy objectives.

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