Innovate Business, Inspire People, Gain Competitive Advantage

For most organizations, innovation separates the winners from those wannabes.

Having an enterprising mentality coupled with a discipline to innovate is the magic formula to driving growth, value for shareholders, and competitive advantage in today’s global economy.

Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better. In today’s hyper competitive market, doing something better just isn’t good enough. Organizations that are not effective innovators face a number of challenges including diminishing customer loyalty, lost market share, brand erosion, lost revenue and ultimately potential death by lethargy.

Our Business Turnaround and Inspired Workplace Culture advisory services are designed to quickly generate results that last. Being innovative in how you go to market, how you differentiate your organization’s value proposition, how you deliver value, and how you re-energize your team to peak results. See how we can help out!

See our organization innovation capabilities below:

Business Turnaround


Innovate how you and your organization create, deliver and capture value for sustained competitive advantage. Prevent or stop your organization from experiencing financial distress.

Innovating your business model can make the difference between success and dismal failure. It can help your organization work through short term survival while preparing for long term success. Just look to the transformation experience of world entertainment power house, Cirque du Soleil, which transformed itself from a struggling Quebec-based circus company to a unique global brand entertaining millions on the world stage.

Learn how to transform your organization’s business model – purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices, and operational processes – and then rapidly build a new business model through an engaging facilitated method built to generate results.

Challenge Questions

Sample important questions about business model thinking:

  • What is innovative thinking?
  • How do we modernize our business?
  • Do we have a value proposition that will sustain our business over the next ten years?
  • Are we generating enough revenue through our existing business channels?
  • Can we reduce our cost structure to build efficiencies in how we make money?
  • Is our profit margin sufficient to excite our shareholders?
  • How do I transform my business model simply?
  • How do I prevent or stop my organization from going under?

Advisory services options

Our unique business model innovation tools enable you and your organization to rapidly transform your model for the future. Through our approach, PEO can help you identify immediate actions you can start doing while stopping work or investments that don’t add value. Just ask us how?

Inspired Workforce Culture


Spark your organization’s sustained success through an inspired workforce making the seemingly impossible, possible. Shift from lethargy to energy. Revitalize teams and individuals. Ramp up results!

Inspired teams and leaders transform thinking and behaviours for new and lasting results. Learn key lessons from market leaders such as Google, Southwest Airlines, Adobe Systems, BC Public Service and other notable companies and how they rallied their employees through an inspiring workplace culture and environment. Apply inspired leadership lessons on your own organization, figure out what needs to change, and build the plan to realize results. Contact us to see how PEO can help!

Challenge Questions

Key questions leaders explore to re-energize teams and employees:

  • What is my workplace culture?
  • How does our culture impact on performance, our customer relationships and how we lead in the market?
  • How does my workplace culture differ from others? What are our strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are some of the key lessons and attributes from leading organization cultures?
  • What workplace culture do we need to have to re-energize teams and employees?
  • Do our leaders behave and model desired behaviours?
  • How do we encourage and reward our employees to behave the right way?

Advisory services options

Our inspired workplace culture accelerators engage leaders and employees to identify and then build the inspired workplace culture you and your organization needs. Explore our workshop or customized solutions to help out.