Lisa Kimmel | Part III – Peer Group Involvement, Blog 6

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A former PEO member suggested Lisa get involved in the organization. She was looking for an opportunity to consult, get counsel from and seek advice from peers outside the firm. After having met Leon Goren, he convinced her to join.

“PEO provides a crucial sounding board for key decisions I need to make – both for the business and personally speaking, for my own professional growth,” she explains. “I appreciate that the members all come from different backgrounds and I like the fact they are 10 years older than me and can provide me mentorship advice.”

She tells us there are a couple of other service business members within the group, many from the corporate sector and one from the non-profit sector. “It’s a diverse group and offers a varied perspective – which is fantastic. The group has helped me make key decisions. The assorted perspectives from the various members help tremendously in this respect.”

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