Lisa Kimmel | Part 4 – Personal Time, Blog 7

Balancing work and life

During her time off Lisa likes cooking, reading, fitness and cottaging.

“I think it’s invaluable to carve out time for yourself and so I make sure I do. Fitness is important to me, and I love going to the gym,” she says. “I see a trainer twice a week and have recently incorporated yoga into my routine. Yoga is a godsend for me, I also run, so I’d say I work out four or five times a week.”

Lisa ran her first half marathon in fifteen years last October — the Scotiabank run. Unfortunately, she was injured at the time but pushed through and completed it in just over two hours. She’s determined to run again next year, and has just registered to do a Tough Mudder in August, along with 35 of her Edelman Toronto colleagues.

As far as her love of cooking, she enjoys following recipes. She loves cookbooks like the Barefoot Contessa and continually sources out new dishes on Pinterest.

Her husband is in advertising. They have two kids, her son is 10 and her daughter is almost 8. She usually goes out two nights a week for business. She talks to her kids about where she goes, what her commitments are and why it’s important to make them.  She loves spending quality time with her family.

In the summer, her family spends every weekend a family cottage on Georgian Bay near Midland, and they recently winterized it so they can ski up north too.

“I’m also an avid reader, and love to sink my teeth into a great work of fiction.”

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