Hildy Abrams | Part IV – Personal Time, Blog 7

Staying mentally and physically strong while still having fun

In her personal time, Abrams focuses on keeping her brain and her body sharp. She reads the newspaper “voraciously,” but also enjoys a good mystery novel.

Recently, her son introduced her to cross fit. “I really like it,” she says. “It’s good. It’s like weight training and cardio – I can do pull-ups. Can you believe that? All my life I wanted to do pull-ups.”

Opting out of the cottage life, Abrams escapes in the city in her new Tesla Model S. “I love it. I haven’t been to a gas station since August – that’s the first thing, that’s just a joy,” Abrams beams.

“The second thing that is a joy is the car itself. It drives so beautifully. You step on the accelerator – I guess you can’t call it the gas – and it goes,” she continues. “The thing that’s turned out to be a blessing, is that I live downtown – so I take the Don Valley back and forth to work – as one person I can drive in the HOV lane because it’s a green vehicle.”

“It cuts half an hour to 45 minutes off my day every time I do that, so that’s kind of fun, right? The whole idea is, I come home and I plug it in like a cell phone and every morning I have a full tank of gas.”

Abrams also enjoys seeing the world and meeting new people – a part of her business life that she’d be hard pressed passing off to anyone else.

“I travel a lot. I love to travel – mostly for the business.”


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