Hildy Abrams | Part III – Peer Group Involvement, Blog 6

Praise for PEO

Abrams joined PEO in 2006/07 while in preliminary discussions with Argosy Capital about purchasing the business. Her banker brought her to a meeting and introduced her to PEO President and CEO, Leon Goren. At first she was skeptical that PEO could be valuable, but now praises its purpose.

“If you think about how I run my business, essentially, in a way, PEO is group therapy for CEOs,” she declares. “You’re sharing your challenges in a trusting confidential atmosphere – that’s what group therapy is.”

While buying out Gourmet Settings, Abrams was also making an exit plan. She explains that it was a difficult and nearly disastrous undertaking, after being taken to arbitration.

“Leon and the group were very helpful and very supportive in terms of helping me get through that,” admits Abrams.

PEO currently provides Abrams with insight into Gourmet Settings’ future. Members such as Umbra’s Les Mandelbaum and John Walters, as well as Goren himself act as peers, mentors and motivators for Abrams.

“PEO helps me think about how I can grow, how I can motivate people, how I can compensate them,” Abrams contends. “I just feel like it’s so special to be in the company of these fantastic people in my group who are such great business people. That’s part of it too – a little of it might rub off.”


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