Throughout the year the PEO Eye Of The Executive Series features various thought leadership speakers with a networking reception afterwards. These events are also exclusively available to the PEO Leadership Community and not open to the general public. Their topics range from industry specific analysis, current events, economic forecasts, special interest and interactive workshops.

As business leaders, we know how precious your time is. Our members see us as a great resource of information and education. We facilitate your networking process by organizing a variety of events that combine executive learning, networking and fun. By attending our events, you will surround yourself with successful business leaders who share your values of personal development and pursuit of growth, educate yourself on a specific topic and relax in a safe and informal environment.


SEPTEMBER EYE OF THE EXECUTIVE SERIES: Partnership Insights with Kevin Sullivan, Deputy Chairman of GMP Capital @ Private Venue, Members & Special Guests Only
Sep 27 @ 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Kevin was a co-founder and major contributor to the growth of one of Canada’s most successful independently owned investment banks, GMP Capital.  He will speak about his most valuable lessons learned while creating a successful partnership with a team of dynamic and diverse personalities.

The partnership was originally founded in 1995 as Griffiths McBurney & Partners, by two dynamic and successful colleagues, Brad Griffiths and Gene McBurney, who were quickly joined by 35-year old Kevin Sullivan and his legendary trading desk partner, Mike Wekerle.

Over the next 15 years GMP grew into one of Canada’s leading trading and equity underwriting firms and became a public company in 2003, eventually surpassing a market value of $1.5 billion.  In many respects GMP had become the envy of Bay Street, outcompeting even the banks for dominance in various segments of the market.  In addition, Kevin helped co-found Richardson GMP in 2004 which has since grown to become Canada’s largest independent wealth management firm with over $30 billion of assets under management.

Behind the scenes, GMP and its leaders had to quickly learn to navigate complicated partnership dynamics with its team of diverse type A personalities – all sitting around one big partners’ table.  As market share and revenues grew rapidly, allocating ownership and compensation dollars led to significant wealth creation for many individuals, but also created challenges related to team dynamics, which were exacerbated by the intoxicating and fast paced environment.  And at times GMP also faced significant, although rare set-backs, including an Ontario Securities Commission investigation in 1999, which had a negative impact on the firm’s franchise and reputation.

Kevin Sullivan assumed the role of President in 1996 and became CEO in 1999 upon the departure of one of the original founders.  During his time as President and CEO, Kevin successfully guided this evolving and unique partnership into a trading, underwriting and M&A advisory power house.

Kevin will speak about his most valuable lessons learned while creating enviable success out of a partnership built upon a group of talented, dynamic and diverse type A personalities.

2018 PEO LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE – RESILIENCE @ Private Venue, Members & Special Guests Only
Nov 21 @ 4:00 PM – Nov 23 @ 2:00 PM

The PEO Annual Leadership Conference is our flagship event of the year! It is an exclusive three day members-only experience where the PEO Leadership Community convenes to connect, think and grow as well as to rejuvenate and have fun. The schedule is complete with an exciting range of activities including fine dining, live music, networking, and a line-up of world renowned speakers on leadership and performance, workshops, and experiential activities. Discussion is thought provoking, engagement is full-throttle, and your experience will prove invaluable.

Our members have ranked the PEO Annual Leadership Conference as 4.9 out of 5.0 for exceptional value and experience.


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