June Eye Of The Executive Series: From Overwhelmed to Flourishing, with Dr. Carlos Davidovich, MD

June 6, 2017 @ 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM America/Toronto Timezone

From Overwhelmed to Flourishing

Find out how you can leverage your different “brains” to thrive in the world we live in

PEO’s Eye Of The Executive Series: Dr. Carlos Davidovich, MD, VP of Executive Coaching at Optimum Talent, invites us to explore a new angle on health: “From Overwhelmed to Flourishing”. We were always led to believe that as we moved into a leadership position our experience and learnings would allow us to become much more effective and efficient in our roles. We’d have more time to think and we would rarely feel overwhelmed. Yet the opposite seems to be the case – the workload continues to increase and many of us are feeling overwhelmed more often. We’re being stretched between our organizations and personal responsibilities. On June 6th, Dr. Davidovich will leave us with seven (7) practical tips we can apply in our lives to alleviate those feelings and begin to thrive in this type of environment.
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