Dr. Mike Roizen at the Granite Club: a long healthy life to all

Even superlatives can hardly do justice to Dr. Michael Roizen’s talk to nearly 90 PEO participants at the Granite Club last night. This celebrity author, recognized authority and best friend of Dr. Mehmet Oz, has it all: a shrewd take on a long and healthy life and the facts and research to back it up. He spoke to an enraptured crowd for more than 90 minutes and then responded to questions with humour and insight after that. It was truly a star-studded night to remember.

Of course, the focus was on how all of this impacts leadership, given that his recommendation talked about health and fitness, memory, productivity and energy for you and your employees. I urge you strongly to take his and Dr. Oz’s free online test at realage.com, which will in 15 minutes determine your ‘real,’ as opposed to chronological age.

You’ve probably heard about the 10,000 steps (five miles of walking daily) fitness idea, which Dr. Roizen endorsed strongly; one participant excitedly emailed me to report he’d downloaded a free iPhone pedometer and because he rode his bicycle to work, he was already at 6,889 steps, or 181 calories. Additional, Roizen said the steps need not be like jogging: so start walking to the store, use the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator and take longer walks with your dog.

He also told us about the strenuous effort to rid his campus of smoking, empowering police to give tickets to smokers and banning it from outside spaces, too (three cheers for that). He described how the General Electric Board met at the Cleveland Clinic and one person lit up as CEO Jeff Immelt walked behind him and observed the citation and the board member being escorted from the campus.

Dr. Roizen strongly emphasized how genes are “at our service, to be turned on or turned off,” due to our actions and while many of our members are actively pursuing health and fitness goals, there is so much more that can be done to determine future longevity and health. It is, he said, “under our control.”

In addition to the ideas above, here are just a few things he suggested that you can apply immediately:

  • Take baby aspirin with warm water before and after twice a day
  • Add a multi-vitamin to your daily regime, also twice a day
  • Make sure 1000 mg. of Vitamin D3, the key supplement for northern climates, is part of your routine
  • Fish oil with Omega 3,7 and 9 is also easy to obtain; take it daily
  • Keep up those leafy green vegetables (kale was served at the event); they contain lutein
  • Get your family doctor to prescribe a statin like Lipitor whether you have high cholesterol or not
  • Eat salmon or ocean trout as often as possible (he eats Costco’s salmon burgers several times a week); canned salmon, not salted, is often excellent for this requirement
  • Drink six cups of coffee (or tea); coffee is good for you, both the caffeine and the bean’s ingredients

Lastly, reduce stress; this causes much damage to the body.

This is just a short list; look for much more on our website soon. If you were there and want to add any more of what you took from his talk, please leave a comment on the website or email other PEO members.