Lisa Kimmel | Part 1 – Career Path, Blog 1

Early years: An entrepreneur’s daughter with high ambitions Lisa Kimmel grew up in Ottawa in an entrepreneurial family. Her dad, Arnold Kimmel, right out of school, opened his first convenience store the year Lisa was born, and today employs more than 300 people with a strong presence in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. “My father Read More

Lisa Kimmel | Part 1 – Career Path, Blog 3

Discovering Edelman The particular person who interviewed Lisa at the other firm came over to lead, and essentially rebuild, Edelman’s consumer practice. Interestingly, Edelman was consumer PR’s pioneer and originator but that wasn’t the case in Canada at that time. He asked her to help build a consumer practice, appealing to her entrepreneurial spirit – Read More

Lisa Kimmel | Part 1 – Career Path, Blog 4

Becoming Edelman’s first Toronto general manager Lisa became Edelman Toronto’s general manager in 2009. Previously, the position didn’t exist in her office.  The CEO for Canada oversaw the Toronto office until that time. As the office grew, there was a realization that to continue to grow, it needed someone specifically focused on that branch of Read More

Lisa Kimmel | Part II – Industry Perspective, Blog 5

New competitive landscape Lisa explains that the PR industry has changed and continues to change over time. “What keeps me here, drives me forward, is that as the industry evolves we continue to evolve our offering,” she says. “I’ve seen consolidation and convergence over the years – industry consolidation in PR and from a convergence Read More