About Paolo Maccario

Part 1: From Italy to Mexico to Tennessee to Canada: metal’s mysteries and alchemy

Paolo Maccario, COO of Silfab, began his early career path in Italy, along with a stint in the Italian Army Reserve Officers School, which he said, “allowed me to make all kinds of mistakes managing and leading at the Italian army’s expense.” “I went to engineering school in Turin, (the Polytechnic University of Turin) and Read More

Part 2: Maccario reflects on the value of an MBA

At the time, the Italian parent company put out a call for a new CEO of Maccario’s division, which brought with it the opportunity to engage in some expensive executive education, typically the advanced management program at the Harvard Business School, though without earning a degree. Instead, Maccario convinced Fiat to let him earn an Read More

Part3: The Big Decision: to return to Italy or not?

As he rose in the Fiat hierarchy, Maccario had thought of the next step many times, and what life would be like back at home in Italy. One day he was driving from Tennessee to Duke University in North Carolina, when he received a call asking, “Do you want to be the Italian division’s CEO?” Read More

Part 5: Silicon is precious

At the time, silicon, after gold, was one of the most precious elements in the world because of the semiconductor and solar industries. There was not enough silicon to go around; it was creating not only a need for a new process to producing it but it was also was driving a lot of money Read More