Blog 10: Balancing work and life and the next chapter.

Tugman is on the board of the private equity-owned, Pinova Holdings Inc. A year ago, the CICA, now CPA Canada, asked him to chair an advisory board for the organization. “My role has allowed me to keep moving into leadership positions with organizations. As opposed to just being the advisory board member with CPA Canada, I am asked to be the chair.”

As for the future, he is open to being CEO again or doing multiple directorships in the industrial and chemical spheres. As a previous chairman of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), he thinks it is beneficial to be engaged with public work. “You don’t want to be inward looking. Too many executives will get caught because of time pressures. It doesn’t matter what the role is. Their entire life is their job and their family. Some don’t get that balance right. There has to be a third element, which is community.”

“It’s not just that you are giving back to society, which is one of the benefits of being involved, whether it is business or charitable. It allows you to keep an objective outlook that you bring back to the job because you have become more outward, as opposed to inward-focused. “