Taking Wisdom Themes And Using Them To Inspire And Motivate

Finishing our remarkable speaker line up on Saturday morning, Toronto-based Elan Divon will discuss how he takes wisdom themes found in world religion and mythology, and uses them to inspire, motivate and foster innovation and growth in individuals, organizations and groups. A Harvard-trained scholar of comparative religion, he brings this sacred, often deeply complex wisdom Read More

UMBRA – An Innovation Driven Company

Les Mandelbaum is the co-founder of Umbra Ltd., the international designer of really creative everyday objects. His career has had as many unusual turns as any in business. He started out in music, where he played bass guitar with the likes of the Letterman Show’s Paul Shaffer. In the music business, always with an eye Read More

Innovation is part of Google’s DNA

Deepak Khandelwal’s career includes 15 years at McKinsey & Co. where he served as a partner before joining Google, where he is now Vice-President, Global Customer Services. An electrical engineer and an Ivey MBA, Deepak’s story is remarkable. He now leads a global team of over 1,500 people in 12 international locations responsible for building Read More