Get ready for growth through innovation 2.0 PEO – Our 2nd Annual Retreat Nov 19-21, 2014 is only 47 days away!

What do a nuclear submarine Commander, a Juno-award winner and Wharton’s highest-rated professor have in common?   No, it’s not the start of a joke.   They’re all keynotes at our upcoming conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake.   We’ve worked hard to try to top our line-up from last year and bring in outstanding speakers from across North America for Read More

It was an evening to remember as more than 150 PEO Members, their Families and Special Guests welcomed Dr. Lee Hausner to Toronto on September 18th!

Dr. Lee Hausner, world-renowned clinical psychologist had a very direct message for an audience of PEO members and guests last night:  don’t let your wealth and success poison your children’s worth. Based on her years of experience dealing with wealthy families who have been successful across multiple generations, Dr. Hausner asserts that personal productivity and Read More

Should leaders join a peer environment group?

It’s lonely at the top; that’s one of the oldest truisms about leadership. It’s difficult to speak to anyone honestly. Trust is hard to come by. Even fewer understand a leader’s experiences. To overcome this isolation, many leaders resort to formal or informal peer groups; many wonder what are the benefits of joining one? Peer Read More

A few key takeaways from our Executive Retreat on Growth Through Innovation

Many people have told me what they believe are the key takeaways from our conference. This is a distillation of my thoughts and what we’ve received from our Executive Advisors and members. Please feel free to comment below so we circulate additional thoughts among the membership. The ongoing dialogue will be crucial in the year Read More