Edelman Trust Barometer: Canada comes out positively

Written by Leon Goren, CA and Miguel Gonsalves How does it feel to live in Canada, the fourth most trusted country in the world, behind Germany, Sweden and Switzerland? And to live in a country whose products Americans trust, in an export friendly economy with a falling Canadian dollar? These findings, among many others, were Read More

A few key takeaways from our Executive Retreat on Growth Through Innovation

Many people have told me what they believe are the key takeaways from our conference. This is a distillation of my thoughts and what we’ve received from our Executive Advisors and members. Please feel free to comment below so we circulate additional thoughts among the membership. The ongoing dialogue will be crucial in the year Read More

Enabling Leaders to Realize Their Potential

A Leaders Perspective — Your Quarterly Review by Leon Goren 4 Management Meetings that Enable a Winning Culture 1. The Daily Meeting – Translating priorities into action. These meetings are difficult to co-ordinate with teams that travel; however they are quick, no more than 5 minutes, and create an understanding among the team about the Read More