What We Believe In

Our beliefs, below, drive everything we do. They characterize our business and relationship values, the way we make decisions about innovation and deliver service, and how we constantly work towards ensuring we substantially meet your expectations. Here you go:

 1. Leaders excel best in the right environment

We have learned, first hand, that leaders work best in environments that enable them to excel. That’s why PEO focuses not only on leader performance but also on the performance of their organization. It’s like a symbiotic relationship — where one thrives off of the other — and that’s why our programs and services focus on generating the best performance out of both. If environmental conditions for the leader are far from optimum we know the leader will struggle far more than necessary resulting in slower or stalled leader impact. Conversely, if the leader struggles in his or her journey to success, so too will their organization. We put everything into forging the right environment, first here at PEO, then within the environment of the leader. We want to enable our leaders to connect to the brutal facts, think strategically about their reality and develop solutions that are available to them to ultimately grow exponentially in ways they would not have otherwise experienced outside of PEO.

2. It’s best to do one thing really, really, really well.

We do leadership. But, how we do it, sets us apart from others playing in this market space. As one of the world’s best leadership growth firms focused exclusively on enabling leaders to reach their potential, we know what we do well, and how we strive do it better. Through continued focus on difficult problems, we’ve been able to solve complex leader and organization issues and provide the right solutions for leaders and organizations to excel. Our hope is to create the right environment here in Canada and abroad, to build great leaders interested in making a difference to themselves and their organizations.

3. Setting the course for both: leadership and life.

One should not be sacrificed for the other – that is, leadership success versus a healthy life. Too often, we see leaders struggle, and often fail, in trying to accomplish it all. And that’s part of the fallacy our society generates. Our western culture driving the ambition of “we can have it all” forces many into the delusion that failure means achieving anything less. So, we say, “snap out of it!”. At PEO, we provoke our leaders back into the reality that achieving leadership and life goals doesn’t have to be that complicated; that it can, in fact, be realized through smart choices that generate focus and prioritization on the right relationship and growth goals. Our relationship and journey starts with thinking about you and then working with you as a “whole person”, not just a transient customer. Your life matters to us. We care about your ambitions. We care equally about your journey, and the effectiveness of it. And that journey with PEO starts with determining the course of realizing your life and leadership ambitions.

4. Speed to success. Fast is better than slow.

We know time is valuable. We also know, for most people, that their means to accelerate their personal growth is limited. So when you’re trying to achieve your life’s or work’s ambition, we know that you, or the people around you, are likely to want it right away — and, so, we aim to please. Our job, from the get-go with each leader, is to determine the fastest and most effective trajectory, to success. We work with you to figure that out and walk with you in that journey to your destination point. We keep speed in mind with each new product or service we release, whether it’s for the leader, or his or her organization. Speed to success is what you should expect when working with PEO.

5. The right network matters

It’s all about, who knows you, to help you. Forget the notion that you have to spend thousands upon thousands of hours combing the internet business relationship sites, join every club, attend every so-called premier event, or spend thousands of dollars, all just to get the right connections. Instead, by joining the PEO network, as a member or as an organization client, a partner or affiliate, the PEO network immediately connects you to the right relationships. In other words, we open the right doors. What you do once you pass that threshold depends upon you and the relationship on the other side. After all, it`s better to be on the “inside” rather than the “outside”.

6. Great just isn’t good enough.

We have realized that being great at something is a starting point, not an endpoint. We continuously set ourselves goals that we know are tough to reach. We know that by stretching to meet them we can get further than we expected — which means better bang for your fees. Through innovation and iteration, we aim to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, or what is causing some of your leadership or organizational problems, finding the answer to your success is our problem too! We work hard at trying to anticipate needs not yet articulated by our members and organizational clients and meet them with products and services that not only fix the immediate problem but set new standards. When we launched our GPS Life Map™, for instance, it gained more traction for our leaders than we had anticipated. Our leader members realized through the experience of building their own draft life map and then obtaining peer-to-peer and advisory insight in an intimate and safe discussion that they got more focus, honesty and support about themselves as a leader and as a contributing member to their organization, community and family than they could have ever gained going through other leadership or coaching experiences. This is just one of the kinds of impact we seek to make, and we’re always looking for new places where we can make a difference. Ultimately, our incessant dissatisfaction with the way things are has become the driving force behind most things we do.