PEO Secret Formula

PEO is the first leadership and performance services organization fully geared up with the right senior talent and methodology to enable you and your organization to succeed and to build the right endurance capacity to sustain great results.

Our secret formula to success has two main parts: you as the enterprising leader and the community represented as the organization growth.

For Enterprising Leaders

We assess your situation, help you create the right growth plan, put you into the right leadership and peer environment, assign you your own executive advisor or performance coach, stimulate your thinking and connection to other leaders, partner with you to execute on your growth plan, and guide you along the way. Learn more

For Enterprising Organizations

We work with you and your leadership team to connect, think and grow with respect to your organization / team’s desired future state and current reality. For instance, we facilitate the connection with external and internal factors of influence, provoke the thinking and then connection to your organization’s strategic compass (vision, mission, values) and strategic guidemap (business model, strategic roadmap, strategic performance scorecard).

From there, we help your organization to align towards the strategic compass and guidemap (through organization and role alignment, accountability / performance contracts, and strategic performance enablers / compensation programs) so that your organization and people in it perform the best possible way. Learn more

For Enterprising Networks

Enterprising leaders need the right environment to flourish. For most leader growth needs, unique and varied as they may be, we know that all leaders need enterprising connections to the right senior people of influence, the right affiliates / partners, the right ideas through thought leadership, and those unique, awe-inspiring experiences to spark their growth. Learn more