History in the Making

Almost 20 years in the making, PEO grew from the central idea of connecting leaders to think about critical business issues confronting them and their organizations with a singular mindset to stimulate and realize significant and lasting growth. In turn, this leadership platform enabled each leader’s organization to ultimately realize its ambitions.

As PEO’s community of leaders grew – first by connecting on a regular basis to share insights and experiences – then through the support and encouragement of their peers, they realized better results for their businesses. Soon this group of business people encouraged other business people to connect with them on strategic, operational and personal issues, and before we knew it, PEO was a strong leadership and performance services organization enabling leaders and their organizations to realize their potential.

Today, PEO provides its leadership community a unique and integrated suite of programs, services and networks all designed to drive success in the lives and experiences of the leaders it serves. Our focus today is to deliver sustained value to our customers through enterprising leader, enterprising organization and enterprising network solutions. This triple-threat forms a strong foundation for success.

Through the membership in PEO or through the utilization of our advisory services our customers have realized both great personal and organizational breakthroughs.