Accelerate Your Success

Blazing New Trails. Creating Pathways to Success

Being a leader means blazing new trails. It means stretching your mind, building a strong network of successful peers, and building value in business and in the community.

At PEO, our job is to accelerate your velocity (speed and direction) towards your life and business / career objectives the fastest, smartest way possible. Keeping you focused and providing you with opportunities to accelerate your journey are the two fundamental reasons for our existence.

Whether you are a Board of Director member, a Chief Executive / President of a company, a business owner, a senior executive, or an emerging leader; PEO works with you and / or your organization to develop and/or refine your growth trajectory, assess the challenges and opportunities that can delay or accelerate the journey, and then work with you and / your team to enable you to arrive at your destination, on time, on budget.

Our secret formula is simple. We believe that leadership growth need organization growth and networks to provoke, accelerate and sustain their growth. By accessing PEO’s full suite of performance and leadership accelerators, coupled with the right performance advisor / coach and the right peers, you and your organization will get to success faster and in a more sustained way.

The Leaders Journey

We have built our organization – our people, products and services – around our singular and provocative passion of enabling leaders to realize their potential.

Upon entry as a client member, each enterprising leader is assigned an executive business advisor and a peer advisory team. At that point, the business advisor and leader contract together to build a member growth plan to shape and accelerate the journey to success. Then, through peer-to-peer advisory team dialogue, support and provocation, each client member is supported and challenged to grow along their leadership trajectory. In addition, the leader’s journey is augmented through various other business and leadership development programs as well as network opportunities – all designed to support that leader in their growth plan.

Towards the end of member leader growth year, a Member Check-In occurs where the executive coach and the member meet to discuss progress, lessons learned and ongoing needs. From there, a new annual growth plan is completed and signed off by the Member to drive accountability with PEO and the Member him or herself.

Specialized and proprietary tools / consulting services

The PEO advantage also includes a variety of specialized and proprietary leadership acceleration programs designed for personal, team or organizational leadership growth requirements or for critical leadership situations. The powerful combination of business and leadership advisory services, peer-to-peer advisory team support and proprietary leadership development programs gives our leaders the best and most unique offering available in the market – all in one spot.

In going one step further to enable leaders to realize their potential, PEO offers world-class advisory / consulting solutions designed to help organizations strategically focus, align and execute against their plan. These solutions are designed to enable leaders to lead their organizations at accelerated rates and to build the necessary enabling methods and solutions to sustain that growth trajectory.